amid the covid 19 quarantine stay calm and be productive

Stay-At-Home Order In Pittsburgh

It’s Not April Fools – It’s Quarantine

The governor of Pennsylvania issued a state wide a Stay-at-Home order. The majority of business in and around Pittsburgh are closed.

Like most states dealing with the spread of Covid-19 it was a necessary step during this pandemic. Disruptive, unsettling, and stressful, this measure has turned lives and livelihoods upside-down.

So how do we manage this mandated lockdown?

As writers, we write. We brainstorm ideas. Toy with elements of conflict that will turn our character’s lives as upside-down as our own. We create character cards. Do research on topics related to our work-in-progress. We jot scene ideas on colored index cards.

These things are fun for us. They offer us a distraction to the daily news of sickness and death. They keep us productive in the art that we love.

But stress from job loss, dwindling cash flow, and isolation creep linger. At time overwhelm us. Make us restless and afraid.

What can we do to calm ourselves during times of stress?

The best answer: Do a Household Chore.

Maintaining normalcy while quarantinedLaundry. Dishes. Create a casserole. Wash the kitchen floor. Dust. Vacuum. Clean out your Junk room. Your junk drawer.

You get the idea. And you will be amazed at how good you feel. AND be amazed by how much you accomplish.

Such simple tasks are calming because they create a sense of normalcy within us.

When your chores are done, take a walk. Do yoga. Do some in-house cardio, resistance training. Lift household object instead of weights. Read a book. Play a board game with the family. Play solitaire if you live alone. Call and chat with family and friends. Binge watch your favorite movies or TV shows.

And above all – Maintain a Sense of Humor.

Focus on the little things in life. You’re not alone in this. The whole world is experiencing the same fears and isolation as you.

We can get through this, so hang in there.

Stay Home. Be Safe.

Try to Smile until the world returns to normal again, because it will be normal again.