Scriptchic, Kay Patterson, fiction and award-winning screenwriter

A lot of writers call me Alien Queen Mum. Others refer to me as the Movie Maven. But I’m just Kay.

I was the creator and senior editor of AlienSkin Magazine, a popular online Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror publication. A paying market for writers.

As a publisher, I shared thousands of creepy, fascinating, and interesting stories with readers. I received hundreds of story submissions each month. Writers from all over the world sent me stories. I read every one. Wrote replies to every writer. Offered advice to many. I made the primary dream of writers a reality.

I helped writers get published. I continue to help writers.

When AlienSkin Magazine ceased publication in 2010, I focused on my own writing. Through that, I learned about screenwriting. Friends and fellow writers felt many of my stories would make great movies – especially my horror and suspense thrillers.

So I studied the art of screenwriting, and became a screenwriter. I love what I do.

I watch movies. Study them and their scripts. And now I write movies of my own.

Fiction and Poetry Published In:

Apex Magazine
Black Box
Camp Horror
Every Day Fiction
Fib Review
Flash Spec II
From The Asylum
Kings 2 Anthology
Magistria: The Realm of the Sorcerer
Micro Horror
Murky Depths
Pseudopod Podcast
Read By Dawn
The Drabbler
The Labor Pool Anthology
Twisted Tongue Magazine