Valentine's Day is perfect time for screenwriters to write a love scene

Valentine’s Day Writing Tip

Cherish the Day – But Take Notes!

Our writer minds are always keyed into our current works-in-progress. On Valentine’s Day, while love is in the air, cards, candy, and flowers are being given, and dinner reservations are being kept with our loved ones, ambitious writers are aptly taking notes of the day’s events. 

Comedy writers may find fun, anecdotal moments to use when they are back at their computer or iPad. Other writer take note of the emotional element of the day – how single people spend the day alone. How married couples engage and respond to each other in a restaurant or special outing. How in love a couple seems.

Young LoversObservation is a key skill every writer needs. Through observation we can gain insight into emotions, sensations, visuals, reactions, and outcomes that will help us bring a sense of credibility to our stories, and help us gain empathy with our core audience.

They will be able to identify with the emotion, circumstance, setting, and characters we create and try to convey with our words.

Valentine’s Day is also a great day to sketch out and write a love scene. A loving or heartbreaking moment.

You’re the writer you have the power to create the scene, flesh it out with emotional characters, and flirtatious and realistic dialogue, a unique visual setting, and give a scene ending we may or may not see coming.

Tug at your audience’s heartstrings. Shatter your character’s dreams or desires.

Have fun with your writing.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!