Lineage screenplay by Kay Patterson makes Laund Pad Top 100 in 2019 Feature Competition

Lineage Makes Launch Pad Top 100

Cameron Diaz Happy Doing a Happy danceWow – Such Great News!

Thrilled to learn that my screenplay, Lineage, made the Top 100 in the 2019 Launch Pad Feature Competition.

I entered the contest back in August of 2019, and the email just came. Totally stoked by the news. Not sure if I’ll rank higher, but making the Top 100 is still a delight – and seeing their website listing of my Logline and tagging the screenplay as Looper meets Zodiac made me chuckle.

I always consider the story a mix of Highlander meets Silence of the lambs, but hey they run the contest.

I’ll let you know if the script advances further.

Right now – I’m doing my happy dance.