Thriller screenplay, Lineage, wins 1st Place Overall

1st Place Overall

Lineage Wins Big in Las Vegas!

Wow what a week we had in Vegas.

Action on Film (AOF) Megafest and the Script Summit were a BLAST!

My thriller screenplay, LINEAGE, won awards in 2 out of 3 screenwriting contests. It won Best Horror at AOF.  Thank you Del and Theresa Weston!

And LINEAGE, won 1st Place Overall at Script Summit! Many thanks to Geoffrey D. Calhoun, Kevin Hanna, Ryan LaPlante, Joann Esposito Hess, and everyone else at Script Summit and We Fix Your Script.Lineage by Kay Patterson wins Best Horror at AOF Megafest 2019

LINEAGE was also a finalist for best Action Screenplay at Hollywood Dreams.

What a night it was at the red carpet awards dinner. I was shocked and thrilled by the wins.

Funniest story about that night was the restaurant ran out of seating. Eleven of us – three of us screenwriters, our significant others and five award givers – were eventually seated at a makeshift table in far corner of the room.

We called it the Kiddie Table.

Yet two of the top winners of the Script Summit were at that table- myself and Grand Prize winner Pete Sailer.

The other tables had huge lazy-Susan centerpieces the spun around, making it easy to sample the dishes of 10 course dinner we were served. At Kiddie Table we passed each dish around family style. It was fun.

The dInner was 10 courses of Chinese food! Amazing dishes of soup, dim sum, fish, General Tso chicken, fried rice, beef, pork, shrimp and more.

Thriller screenplay, Lineage, wins first placeIt was a awesome night of clapping, laughs, with great company and good food.

Each winner gave a 30 second speech, and then each of us were ushered out for a red carpet photo op.

I will never forget that night.

It was truly special for me and for everyone else who won awards for their screenplays. I met so many amazing people during that week in Vegas. Encouraged that we’ll remain friends for years to come.

Viva Las Vegas!

Hope to go again next year.