happy labor day 2022 from screenwriter kathy patterson

Celebrating You This Labor Day

Labor Day is a day of rest for most of us. It’s a day off from work, an extension to the weekend, offering us the opportunity to travel, visit family and friends, or to simply relax at home.

It’s a national holiday. A paid holiday for some. An unpaid day off for others.

Yet, not all of us get this day off. People working in the restaurants and in the hospitality business, hospital and emergency medical staff, fire and rescue, police, the military, airport staff, air traffic controllers, major fast food establishments, as well as, major retail stores, and others.

I used to work holidays. Some of the jobs I had didn’t offer holiday pay – even for Christmas.

Now, as an adult, I try to remember those who have to work holidays. I thank them for their service. Thank them for their time as I encounter them when I’m out and about on Labor Day and other holidays. I tip a little extra. I’m more polite. I make it a point to tell them to “Have a good day.”

We should all do this. It’s a simple courtesy. A show of appreciation we all too often overlook even when it’s not a holiday.

Times are challenging now. Finances are tight. Many people are stressed out.

Being nice these days is the right thing to do, to help ease some of that stress.

While you may not be able to add a little extra in the tip to your server at a restaurant, it doesn’t take much to offer them a smile or kind word to show your appreciation for the work they do.

You never know, someone might do the same to you when you’re at work after this holiday.

Spread some Love today and every day!