What is branding?

Marketing Makeover For Writers

If you’re serious about screenwriting, you need to treat your writing as a career.

It may not currently be a paying gig, but selling a script, getting paid for your writing, is your ultimate goal.
Your work is a commodity. Writing good scripts, even if they don’t sell, can gain you employment as a screenwriter.

So as a professional you need to promote yourself – i.e. on social media, on your own website.

You need a Marketing Makeover.

What’s a Marketing Makeover?

It’s a facial package for writers. It’s panache. A splash of flash that elevates you as a writer. It’s your image to the world and to Hollywood.

It’s simply YOU with the following:You need brand identity

  • A brand
  • A Website with effective content
  • Business cards for networking
  • Social Media Revamp with your brand
  • A Writing Portfolio
  • A Catchy Bio
  • Media Pics
  • An Action Plan Promoting Yourself

Branding Yourself

A brand creates sizzle. Your name is NOT a brand.

Most writers have a website with a domain of their name or some derivative of it. That won’t fly in Hollywood!
Your name isn’t a brand. You need sizzle. Some pizzazz.


When I just wrote fiction my website URL was indeed my name – kaypatterson.com. It worked for me as a fiction writer, but as a screenwriter needing to brand myself I needed something else. What did I choose?

Script Chic.

Those two words say who I am. I’m a script writer. I’m female.

I bought the domain name. My website URL and “brand” is now scriptchic.com. My homepage includes my name and my brief mission statement – Award-winning screenwriter offering tipsand insights into screenwriting.

In creating your brand, you will choose 4 to 5 complementing colors, and 3 to 4 fonts. Colors and fonts you will use on your website, business cards, and in the posts and images you use in your social media banners and posts.

A Website With Effective Content

You build that website as you would your fiction writing website. Add content that will attract readers and web and
blog surfers who are looking for info about you and about screenwriting. Make your content interesting.Choosing colors and fonts for your brand

Use your brand colors and fonts. Add your logo on pages.

Your website is your Online Portfolio. It’s the website you’ll promote on you business cards.

Business Cards

Business cards are cheap. Under $10.00 for 500 cheap on such websites GoPrint.com, VistaPrint.com, HotCards.com.

They’ll give your ego a boost. Help promote your new brand. Create your brand and get some! Make sure your new cards include your brand name, your real name, the genres you write, and your contact information (i.e. email, phone number, website URL.)

Your snazzy business cards are meant to direct movie industry managers, agents and exces to you and your website.

Social Media Makeover

Part of marketing the new you as a brand includes a Social Medial Makeover. You need to develop a following to you as a brand. Create “Buzz” about you and your work.

You’ll need to create new Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other relevant social media pages for you as a
“brand.” Hollywood wants to know you’re connected. They want reassurance that you can promote yourself and your writing.

So treat these new social media “Brand” pages and posts as business posts. Keep the posts relevant to writing (I.e. the genres you write, the places your writing takes you, the people you meet through your writing.)

Save those Foodie, Family, and Political posts for your personal social media pages.

Writing Portfolio

A writing portfolio for a screenwriter should contain more than 1 script.

But writing a feature-length screenplay can be as daunting task. As daunting as novel writing. Some new screenwriters take years to complete a feature-length script.

If you’re new to screenwriting you can supplement your writing portfolio with short scripts. Short scripts can be 6
to 30 pages long. This doesn’t mean shorts are easier to write. But they may seem less daunting than writing a feature script if you haven’t written a feature yet.

Treatments and a synopsis of script projects you’re writing or intending to write should be in your writing portfolio.

If you have a completed screenplay you can keep a list of your successes with that script by way of contest rankings and coverage scores of high considerations or recommends. Keep a list of Loglines of your story ideas.You need a marketing makeover


Write a short, concise bio about yourself. No long biography about your life. A Brief bio about your writing, your
interests, about how you became a screenwriter.  One that highlights your passion, and skills as a writer.

Media Pics

These are not a selfie pics.

No bathroom snapshot of you smiling at your Smartphone. No photo of you from your friend’s phone either.
No photos of you lounging about your house or apartment.

Get professional photos done. Photos of you in 3 or 4 different outfits. Their not as expensive as you think.

If your friends or family member has a DSLR camera they maybe able to take a few spiffy pics of you. But think of these photos as photos for a job interview – an interview at a company you REALLY want to work for.

You want to look your best. Reveal a bit of your personality, but they need to show you as a professional. Competent. Confident. In charge of your own destiny.

Action Plan For Promoting Yourself

Now you need a plan of action to promote yourself and your brand. Doing all of the above puts you well on your way to doing just that.

Post frequently on your website and on social media. Create a Facebook Business page, utilizing a banner featuring your brand colors, fonts, and image. Update your bio on your social media sites.

Be sure to hand out the new business cards you created. Talk about your writing.Become a shining star with a personal brand

Watch movies and post short reviews about what worked or didn’t work for you as an audience member.

Befriend other screenwriters on social media. Ask them to be a guest blogger on your website, or ask if you can put a guest blog post on their site.

But most of all WRITE!

Have a plan that allows you set times and days to write or to brainstorm your project.

You can’t become a screenwriter if you don’t pursue ideas, develop plots, create compelling characters, or write.

Become the star you are! Pursue your dream. Take it seriously. And have fun!