screenwriter kathy paterson welcomes may 2022

May 1st Wishes

I’ve had enough rainy days already. Give me some sunshine.

Rainy, overcast days are so gloomy. They leave me in a funk. Which makes it hard for me to focus, especially on my current work-in-progress.

Sunny days lighten my mood. They bring a smile to my lips. And, although it’s easy to slip outside to enjoy fun in the sun, I do get more writing done on sunny days. I’m more energetic. More alert. And overall, more productive.

As an admitted procrastinator, I have to be careful and plan outdoor activities for AFTER I write. This can be hard ~ and it will be harder this year, because my daughter and son-in-law have a new pool.

Their pool opens Memorial Day weekend, so it will become more of an enticement for me June through Labor Day.¬†They live 30 minutes away, so the drive is a bit of a discouragement. I won’t be dropping everything and running out the door with my bathing suit tucked inside a beach towel.

Images of that glistening pool water will certainly haunt me though. Especially, while I write on those sunny summer days.

May signals the onset of summer. And I love summer.

We’ve set up our camping trailer at a new campsite. It’s not too far from home. I’ll get some quiet time up there to write, enjoy the sounds of nature.

This May, I had to drop the challenge of trying to write 2 TV Pilots at time.

What the Hell was I thinking!

I switched it up to writing 1 TV Pilot and editing another that’s completed and doing well in contests. Even though it’s doing well, I know it still needs a tweak or two. Might make more “Finals” rankings

What are your plans for May?

Mother’s Day is just a week away. I have to get planning on where to take my mom for that special day.

Until then ~ Keep WRITING!