Righteous Screencraft TV Pilot Quarter Finalist

Just got the news the my 1-hour TV Pilot, Righteous, made the quarter finals in the Screencraft TV Pilot contest.

The list of my fellow quarter finalists is long, and I’m hopeful that my pilot will make it to another round.

It seems EVERYONE is writing TV pilots.

With Hollywood’s film industry strapped to a bare minimum in production, I’m hoping more and more TV producers are reading pilots, and that streaming services like, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu continue to grab up new shows, giving new writers a chance to see their shows picked up.

I love Righteous. It was fun to write.

The TV format is different from feature script format, so it took some time to get used to the Teaser and 4-Act structure. But, I like it. Enough so that I am working on 2 more TV pilots.

I’ll keep you posted on how these pilots go from here.

Quarter Finalist – YEA!