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Ride Out Writer’s Block

Check out my new bike. A 26″ Nishike Pueblo Mountain Bike in green/teal/black. Sweet!

With summer winding down and the weather getting cooler, the urge to get outside is even stronger than it was during the past three months. But my hubby gave our bikes to our daughter and son-in-law this summer – so naturally I got the itch to bike around town and along our nearby rails-to-trails.

Without my old bike, I had to go bike shopping! To my amazement adult bicycles are scarce!

Everyone must have the same itch to ride as I do. Some bike dealers are out of stock on adult mountain bikes (the colorful ones anyway) until late fall or even early NEXT YEAR!


Guess this is one industry booming during covid.

For writers like me, getting away from my keyboard and that blinking cursor on a white screen is a must ~ especially when I get stuck on writing a difficult scene.

A walk around the neighborhood often works, but walking gets boring. It doesn’t burn the calories like a nice bike ride does.

So dust off your old bike. Add air to the tires – and go riding – alone or with someone else. You’ll be social distancing as you ride. AND, you’ll be exercising.

If you’re a writer, exercising you mind and body is a wonderful thing.

You’ll feel less sluggish. – and the story ideas will so start to flow again!

Get and enjoy the outdoors!