Your Social Circles Matter

Why Your Social Circle Matters

In this day and age, most of us are social media butterflies and junkies. We surf from one media platform to another, catching up on the latest YouTube videos, blogs, tweets, chats, Facebook and Instagram posts.

social media marketing post by screenwriter kay pattersonFor writers, social media presents a challenge.

It’s a dual purpose endeavor.

We have our personal presence, socializing with friends and family via posts, comments and chats; and we have to create and build a writer network that promotes our work. We need to connect with other writers, and people within the writing or film industry where we hope to sell all the stories we create.

Those two social circles are quite different.

Yet, many of us unwittingly tend to combine the two.

It’s hard to grow a social media following for a brand, blog, or persona you just created. But, as hard as that may be, it needs to be done – especially, if you’re a writer serious about selling what you write.

Screen and fiction writers need to build a network of writers, readers, and industry professionals.

marketing strategy for social media post by screenwriter kay pattersonA network of fellow creative types offer encouragement and how-to advice. Both writers and readers within such a network provide valuable feedback on completed work and work-in-progress. Industry professionals provide a conduit to the front door of a publishing house, editors, current contests, consultants, agents, managers, filmmakers, producers, etc.

Building that kind of network, and posting to all the social media platforms and a blog to maintain it, requires a professional persona – the persona of you as a screen or fiction writer.

Not the social media “you” that shares dinner and vacation photos with family and friends.

Writing is hard. Blogging is hard. Succeeding in selling your work to a publisher or production company is even harder.

Such industries today require you to market yourself. To do that you need a web presence AND a social media following.

Even if you don’t have a blog or web domain, you can create a business/professional page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

To get started, Google articles on:

  • Building a following on Social Media;
  • How to create a personal brand;
  • Social Media Marketing;

There are a wealth of books on Kindle and Amazon on these topics as well.

Just one caveat to remember:

Never write something in a post that you’ll regret later.