Screenwriter Kay Patterson welcomes May

Welcome to May

Wow, after dreadful months of Stay-at-Home cabin fever due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it felt good to be outside again, in our backyard, weeding and grass cutting!

Prepping our backyard for summer never felt so good. My purple crocuses were blooming, and tulip bulb were sprouting leaves.

Can’t wait for summer!

As a writer, I do enjoy laying out in the sun – with a notebook and pen – writing to-do lists, sketching out characters or plotting out scenes I need to write.

But being cooped up inside the house since mid-March, with vacation plans dashed and postponed, it sure felt good to be active outdoors.

screenwriter kay patterson shares her may yardworkNo need for masks in our fenced in backyard! That’s a GREAT thing.

Ordered a new pop-up gazebo to house our patio furniture. Bought new solar lighting to add colorful ambiance beyond our wood-burning fire pit.

Yard decorating will take weeks to complete.

Memorial Day weekend it will be ready.

Just hope will have sunshine for the long weekend.

I hope everyone fared well over this pandemic. Hope everyone can has a backyard, porch or balcony to venture out on to as the weather turns sunny and warm.

If not, I feel your pain.

Sit by a window and enjoy the sunshine when it comes.

Soak up some SUN!