Find Dynamic Story Setting for your screenplays

Dynamic Story Settings

Every writer wants their story to be unique. We’re told to avoid using cliche characters, plot lines, and dialogue. We’re rarely reminded to avoid cliche settings.

But what are cliche settings?

Think of these story elements:

Scene Activity                                    Typical/Cliche Setting

A robbery                                              inside a bank
Couple making out                                in a  bedroom or car
Fist fight                                                boxing ring or street fight
Homicide detective works                     out of a big city precinct or Scotland Yard
People drinking                                     in a bar

Try to think outside the box with your story or screenplay. Review your scene settings and try to spice them up a bit by switching that scene’s locale. This doesn’t mean switching to an exotic location, which could increase production costs. So keep your screenplay’s budget in mind as you review and switch around your scene settings.

Using the  examples above, a switch out might be:

Scene Activity                                    Typical/Cliche Setting

A robbery                                              during a fashion show
Couple making out                                in a furniture or department store
Fist fight                                                inside an art gallery
Homicide detective works                     in a remote town
People drinking                                     around a backyard fire pitDynamic story settings

Our goal as writers is to give our audiences new experiences that still reflect situations that may or may not occur in their won lives, towns, cities, or neighborhoods.

Readers and movie goers seek escape from daily life by watching movies and reading books. They seek interesting characters to care about, fear for, and hate. Dialogue that is fresh and realistic. Story scenarios that differ in some way from what they seen or read before, and story settings that take them away from their hometowns.


Not every scene needs a unique setting. Just sprinkle your tale with a few non-typical locales to spice things up.

Happy writing!