TV Pilots

1-Hour TV pilots blending reality with elements of fantasy, horror, and the supernatural.

Righteous, a 1-hour TV pilot by Kay Patterson
Fantasy Drama


A fantasy hybrid set in the Afterlife and present day Earth.

Logline: A murdered paramedic, living in the Afterlife, struggles to adapt to being dead while working to save mortals from premature death and damnation orchestrated by soul-stealing rivals.



Rhenium, a steampunk thriller screenplay
Sci-Fi Thriller


A contemporary science fiction series set on present day Earth and a parallel Steampunk world with a power-hungry ruler who desires to expand her domain.




What Ella Did, a 1-hour TV Pilot thriller by Kathy Patterson
Mystery Thriller

What Ella Did

A dynamic thriller series set in Maine.

Work-in Progress




Bird Lady Blues, TV Pilot by Kathy Patterson
Supernatural Drama

Bird Lady Blues

An episodic series dealing with the supernatural set in New Hampshire.

Work-in Progress