Short Screenplays

Short, contained spec scripts that blend reality with elements of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

The Allure of Black Fish, a screenplay by Kay Patterson

The Allure of Black Fish

2020 PAGE & Screencraft Quarter Finalist

A contained, horror/thriller short set on a frozen lake.

Logline: Two contestants face off in a supernatural ice fishing contest officiated and judged by DEATH.



Boxed Inn, a contained short horror screenplay by Kay Patterson
Contained Horror

Boxed Inn

A contained, horror short set in rural America.

Logline: An idealistic couple move into a Victorian house with aspirations of turning it into a profitable B&B only to discover the house is infested with innocuous box-shaped creatures that have acquired a taste for human flesh.



The Mud Room, a contained fantasy short screenplay by Kay Patterson
Contained Fantasy

The Mud Room

A contained fantasy short set in suburbia.

Logline: A frazzled housewife, dealing with three children and their recent move to a new house while her husband travels, encounters a mysterious intrusion of mud and man-sized footprints that originate from her washing machine.


Waking Amelia a horror short screenplay by Kay Patterson
Fantasy Drama

Waking Amelia

A drama short set in suburban American.

Logline: A grieving millennial attends his former lover’s wake, where her parents laud their daughter for sacrificing her life to provide organs others, when he knows she didn’t.