Movies with winter elements, frozen, the grey, wind river

Seasonal Inspiration

Four Seasons of Inspiration

using elements of Spring in moviesStuck for inspiration with your story project?

Consider using elements of the four seasons to help jump-start your idea creation.

Choose a season. Make a list iconic elements of that season. Physical elements: snow, wind, torrential rain, scorching sun, bone-chilling temperatures. Sound: bird song, the crunch of crusted snow, splash of puddles, Colors. Seasonal events. Clothing. Activities.

You get what I mean.

Google images of a season you feel might fit your current writing endeavor. What images appeal to you?

using elements of Fall in movies, like Hocus Pocus or Jeepers CreepersHow can you incorporate such images or seasonal elements into your story?

Can a change in weather add more angst for your characters? How can it enhance the conflict within one of your scenes?

Sometimes its the little nuances of a certain locale or prop that helps bring a scene to life for readers and viewers. That little touch of familiarity helps ground your story – even a fantasy or science fiction tale – in reality.

Consider the use of torrential rain and flooding in the movie Hard Rain.

Movies with winter elements, frozen, the grey, wind riverThe colorful, earthiness of Fall being used in the movies When Harry Met Sally, and Autumn in New York. The withering cornfield in Jeepers Creepers. The festivities of Halloween night in Hocus Pocus.

The deadly elements of Winter add to the terror and danger in Wind River, The Grey and the indie thriller Frozen.

Who can forget the wealth of ideas found in Summer!

Summer is exploited to the delight of audiences in movies, such as, Jaws, Spring Break, The Long Hot Summer (using the season of summer and summer fun in moviesespecially the remake with Don Johnson), and Twister.

Look for seasonal usages in the next movie you watch. How many ways was seasonal elements used to add physical angst for the characters? How many iconic images were on screen? How did the seasonal clothing affect the characters? Heavy clothing hampers the wearer. Skimpy summer clothing inhibits some people, and entices others to flaunt their physique.

It’s a simply exercise. It works. It’ll get ideas flowing!

Try it next time your stuck writing a scene. Use it as you delve into developing characters to populate your story.