celebrating memorial day

Honoring The Fallen

This Memorial Day take a moment to remember those who died fighting for the freedom we enjoy as a nation.

Today is not about BBQ, beer & family fun. It’s about remembering & honoring men & women who lost their lives protecting us & others from those who seek to do harm.

We honor & remember not just our war heroes. We honor our Police. Our Fire Fighters. Our National Guard. Our Border Patrol Agents. DEA & ATF Agents. Security Guards. And Average Citizen who performed heroic acts to save others.

It takes a second to whisper a prayer of thanks. A second to salute our flag during a local Memorial Day parade. Mere minutes to attend a parade. A moment to ask for blessings for the families who lost loved ones for our benefit.

Once the parade is over, and all that it stands for is honored, THEN we grill our burgers, steaks, & chicken. Then we enjoy fun with family & friends. Then we enjoy our sodas, ice tea & beer. Then we relish the day off from work.

I thank all who serve in the military. I thank our Police, Fire Fighters, & all those who choose to help keep WE THE PEOPLE free and our nation safe.

Thank You. Thank you. THANK YOU!

I will not forget you or your sacrifice.


Be SAFE America!