national tell a story day april 27 2022

Tell A Story Today

In honor of national Tell a Story Day, I’m adding one of my micro fiction pieces below.

Today storytelling, verbal and written, comes in so many forms:

  • Drabble (100 word fiction)
  • Micro Fiction (less than 300 words)
  • Feature Screenplay/Movie
  • Flash Fiction (less than 1,000 words)
  • Novel
  • Novella (under 40,000 words)
  • Podcast Episode
  • Radio Drama Show
  • Short Story (1,000 to 10,000 words)
  • Short Script
  • TV Pilot/TV Series
  • Web Series

Page and word counts also vary depending on genre. Each form of writing offers its own challenges for writers who endeavor to tackle them.

For those of us who write, and have had the pleasure of completing a story, there’s an special excitement in sharing those stories with readers/audiences.

We all have the please of reading; watching movies, tv shows, and web series; hearing radio drama shows; and in reading stories to children.

So here, in honor of National Tell A Story Day, are 2 micro fiction stories a wrote years ago that have been published in a magazine:

Maude Hatter’s Wicked Garden Party
by Kathy Patterson

Croquet mallets whacked severed heads upon the meticulously mowed lawn of Maude Hatter’s Victorian estate.  Inebriated guests– sadists and masochists all– frolicked amid the pentagram-shaped garden maze, sipping goblets of arsenic-laced wine.  Festive in their feathered and garish brocade masks, they resembled cavorting demons and fiends.

Blood-splattered damsels danced around fornicating topiary beasts.  Their partners–wild-eyed gents in tattered linen suits–whirled knives, hedge-clippers and trowels.  Slashing, snipping and stabbing they pranced.

The disemboweled, with gashes seeping, staggered to the crimson fountain, spilling blood into blood.  Some toppled in death into the stagnant pond, their flesh sweetmeat for the alligator and waiting piranha.

By personal invite, her Summer Solstice soiree drew them.  Each shared her perversion–her lust for pain, blood.  They found death alluring.

Watching it all, Old Maude clapped.  She crowed in delight.  Their twisted souls ensured her longevity.  For the Autumn Equinox, she would host a luau.


Hope you enjoyed the read!